My top 5 rides at Disneyland Paris



21st November 2014

disneyland paris

We went to Disneyland Paris in October this year. These are my top picks for the best rides and fun there.

  1. Space mountain mission 2

I loved it because it was extremely fast and I think we did loop the loops!!!!!! It was hard to tell because it was completely dark.

  1. Haunted house

I enjoyed the haunted house because there was a skeleton and he was taking his hat off but he took his hat off with his head!!!

  1. Dumbo planes

Dumbo planes at Eurodisney

I enjoyed the Dumbo planes because I got to make the Dumbo go up and down!

  1. Teacups

I enjoyed he teacups because they went all over the place!!!

  1. Buzz Lightyear laser blast

I enjoyed the Buzz Lightyear laser blast because I got to spin the carriage around and shoot the targets.

buzz lightyear at eurodisney

There were probably better rides, but we didn’t get to go on many because the queues were really long. We will go back next year and try some more.

disneyland paris

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