Well, ‘hi there’.

Or should we say ‘bonjour’?

Or ‘¡hola’?

Family travel

We’re the World Wide Family, on a mission to travel the world in our campervan. 

We aren’t super rich, or super savvy. We haven’t been there and done it all already. We are not sponsored, we don’t have a plan, and we aren’t here to bore you to death. We simply took the decision to quit our jobs and go.

What are we doing?

In a nutshell, we saved up enough money to buy an old, but reasonably sized, camper van. It’s a Mercedes 709D, if you’re interested, and hails from the age of the Prodigy, the poll tax and the construction of the Channel Tunnel, 1990 to be precise. It ain’t luxury, but we fit in it, we can cook in it, it holds all our gubbins and it goes. It’s our home for the forseeable… maybe for ever?

Who are we?


travel dad

I’m a father of two in the prime of my life. Yes. I’m a qualified dental therapist and have been working in the UK for many years, making people’s mouths just a little bit better. Giving up work was a tough decision, as the pay is pretty good, but sometimes you really have to believe that it’s now or never.


Travel mum

When I was expecting my second child, I quit the rat race, then and there. I hated that a ‘regular job’ wouldn’t allow me to collect my kids from school, and that I actually had to pay childcare for the privilege of staying at work until 5. My little home enterprise of writing blogs and newsletters has actually turned into quite a lucrative business, and means we have the freedom to do this crazy, insane and fabulous thing that we’re doing.


Travel boy

The monkeyis eight years old. He loves video games, wide open spaces and any games that involve a ball. He has his own page over at Monkey Mansions.


Travel girl

The princess is four. She loves anything pink, sparkly or fluffy, but it has to be said that she likes getting her hands dirty just as much too! She has her own page over at Princess Palace.

What about school?

We think that family travel is about the best education that a child can have. Every day we’re building bonds with our kids, getting to know them better and showing instead of telling all the important things in life.

However, that doesn’t mean we’ve opted out of education as such. We do semi structured ‘home school’, which means on some days they are asked to do some numeracy, literacy or science. Sometimes from a book. But sometimes we simply take them to a museum and see what inspires them while we’re there. Our kids are not ‘uneducated’, they just follow their dreams, and we put the stepping stones in place so they can do that.

How did we do this?

To put it in a nutshell, we just went for it. We had a little savings, we sold literally everything we owned, and we just got on a ferry and went.

Please do follow our journey on here, but you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter, or you can email us at: hello@worldwidefamily.co.uk.